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Concept cars have always been an excellent testbed for automakers, allowing them to gauge customer perception and response to the new or radical automotive designs they would consider for future production. Although concept cars allow automakers to challenge the boundaries of technology and reality, they also generate excitement for enthusiasts. The most curious and forward-minded motoring enthusiasts look forward to concept cars as guides for what the motoring landscape could look like in the future.


1. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Mercedes-Benz built the groundbreaking Vision AVTR concept with the Avatar movie team to showcase its vision for mobility in the distant future. Through its four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motors, the AVTR can move sideways in a ‘crab movement’ that gives the concept a reptile-like appearance and movement.

Since the Vision AVTR concept lacks a conventional steering wheel, the car establishes a biometric connection with the driver when they place their hand on the center console. The digital neurons from the connection flow from the interior to the exterior and visualize the flow of information and energy. The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR features organic battery technology, neuromorphic hardware to minimize energy requirements, 33 multi-directionally bionic flaps, and sustainable materials for the interior.

2. Toyota LQ

The Toyota LQ is a head-turner featuring a closed front grille, a sloping roofline, partially glass doors, and DMD headlights. Toyota built the Toyota LQ concept with advanced technology that aims to create an emotional bond between the driver and the EV. According to Toyota, mobility goes beyond the physical human transportation to incorporate emotional engagement and the need to be moved.

Despite Toyota’s noticeable resistance towards electrification, the automaker made significant investments into developing an SAE level 4 equivalent autonomous driving system for the Toyota LQ. However, the biggest highlight of the LQ concept is ‘Yui,’ the revolutionary AI-powered digital assistant that offers a more personalized driving experience. According to reports, the AI will have the ability to assess emotions and select music depending on the driver’s mood.

3. Citroën 19_19

The all-electric Citroën 19_19 flaunts a recognizable aerodynamic design that incorporates a front with a double perspex bonnet extending to the vehicle’s top and bottom. In some ways, the Citroën 19_19 mimics the unbroken shape of most aircraft cockpits. Since the focus is not on dynamic driving but total comfort for a long-distance commute, the concept features a rounded passenger cabin that creates a lounge experience to maximize comfort.

The front passenger benefits from a chaise lounge, while the rear occupants enjoy a plush rear-seat sofa. The futuristic and innovative design also includes a personal assistant that interacts with everyone on board and level 4 autonomous driving technology. Each passenger enjoys a personal sound zone, with personalized content sent directly to them.

4. Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow is a one-seater concept that pays homage to the record-breaking 1937 W 125, not forgetting the alubeam silver paintwork from the historic Silver Arrows. Despite the traditional, high-quality material that dominates the interior, the concept boasts a touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel and a curved panoramic screen with back projection features.

Through the help of AI, drivers can utilize the panoramic screen to engage in a virtual race against present or historic Silver Arrow racing cars. As best described by The Verge, the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow blends classic design with electric superpowers. Other highlights include a forward-folding driver’s cockpit, non-rotating hubcaps, 168-spoke lightweight aluminum wheels, and two extendible rear spoilers for air braking.

5. Bentley EXP 100 GT

During its 100th anniversary celebration, Bentley unveiled the radical EXP 100 GT as its vision of what future GTs could look like in 2035. Although the concept is impressive in balancing old-school Bentley design cues with futuristic touches, the massive grille with 6,000 LED bulbs makes the most unmistakable impression. Additionally, the massive wheels consist of spokes that open and close to enhance aerodynamic flow.

Behind the oversized gullwing-style doors, the Bentley EXP 100 GT offers seats with multiple configurations that fit four occupants and adjust for autonomous driving. The concept will incorporate an AI that curates the journey and includes Capture and Re-Live modes that store and replay the sights and sounds the owner experiences. Designers also installed a passageway that transfers items like food and water stored beneath the hood.

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