Foldable iPhone in 2025 would help segment hit $100M/year within two years


Although there was a previous prediction that Apple would release the initial foldable iPhone in 2023, it is evident that this will not occur. However, it is undeniable that the question of when Apple will introduce a foldable iPhone remains, rather than if it will happen. Another potential date suggested is 2025, which is also supported by a market intelligence report that forecasts Apple’s contribution to the growth of folding smartphone shipments to reach 100 million by 2027.


As previously mentioned, Apple has consistently adhered to its customary approach towards cutting-edge technology: observing from a distance, allowing other companies to make mistakes, and only launching when it believes it can produce something significantly superior to its competitors.

Samsung serves as a prime example of the risks associated with prematurely introducing a new technology, as evidenced by the catastrophic failure of the initial Galaxy Fold model. Despite initially successful pre-orders, significant issues were discovered by reviewers within a mere 48 hours of testing the device. Samsung initially announced a delay in the launch until May, subsequently canceling pre-orders. The company then discussed a potential July launch, only to cancel that as well.

The company’s fourth iteration of the device did not show any improvement, as our sister site 9to5Google discovered that the major flaw persisted: the screen continued to crack within days of receiving the device.

Samsung, however, has not given up and recently introduced the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, proudly stating that its foldable phones are now nearly as popular as a product it discontinued due to low demand.

Apple’s plans

In 2021, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo proposed the possibility of Apple introducing the inaugural foldable iPhone by 2023, contingent upon the company’s ability to overcome practical obstacles by that time.

Display analyst Ross Young corroborated this notion, but later revised the expected release date to 2025. It is widely believed that a folding iPhone will eventually be unveiled, albeit at a potentially exorbitant cost.

The prevailing consensus now suggests that Apple will initially introduce a foldable iPad, with a potential launch in the upcoming year.

Foldable iPhone would boost segment to 100M by 2027

According to market intelligence firm Counterpoint Research, it is also their belief that the first foldable iPhone will be introduced in the year 2025. Their market forecast indicates that Apple will enter the market during that year.



Counterpoint Research further states that, based on their estimation, foldable phones could capture 21% of the premium smartphone segment, which refers to phones priced above $600, by the year 2025. By 2027, this percentage is expected to rise to 39%. Consequently, the folding phone segment is projected to be valued at $100 million annually within two years of Apple’s entry.

Additionally, Counterpoint Research predicts that Samsung will continue to dominate the market, likely due to their offering of multiple folding models. However, Apple’s market share is anticipated to experience rapid growth.

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